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Global Funds

About Us

Meitav Global Funds Desk is the leader in Israel for distributing third party Global Investment Houses and Funds to the Israeli institutional and retail markets (once amendment 15 passes (1).

Meitav Global Funds Desk prides itself for providing clients with superb fund selection that is based on the fund's long track record, winning returns, sufficiently large AUM, and excellent pre and post sale service by the investment house managing the fund.

Funds sought after range in geography from the U.S, Europe, Emerging markets, and Eastern Europe, as well as specific countries such as China, India, Russia and others.
The desk deals with both equity and fixed income funds, as well as different niches such as direct property.

Our goal is to provide clients with an excellent fund solution (ranked in the top 3 worldwide) in each investment criteria.

Meitav's Global Funds Desk has already established business partnerships with select few leading international investment houses that it currently represents proudly in Israel. We always welcome new opportunities to expand our reach with the International Investment community.


(1) Amendment 15 will allow foreign funds to be actively marketed to retail clients in Israel. The primary way of doing that is via the local Israeli banks. Meitav is best equipped with its many representatives currently marketing Meitav's own funds, to speak to bank advisors and promote foreign fund as well.

What makes us different?

Offer innovative products and financial opportunities in ever-changing global markets
Provide a stringent due diligence process on all investment products
Provide a link to expert fund managers that are not normally available in the markets
Earn client loyalty by committing to the best of breed products in all asset classes
Pay strict attention to competitive investment performance
Professionalism and care in managing investments
Tax-efficient offshore vehicles
Competitive management fees
Attractive institutional rates


Potential Clients:

Provident and Pension Funds
Portfolio Managers
Mutual Funds
Banks (Retail and Nostro Accounts)
Single and Multi Family Offices
Corporate Clients
High Net Worth Individuals

For further information please contact:

Avihai David – Desk Manager

Tel: +972-3-790-3111
Cell phone: +972-505-234-993
E mail: