Tachlit Trackers

Tachlit Trackers

Tachlit Trackers was founded in 2004. Tachlit Trackers is the leading company of ETN’s (Exchange Traded Notes) industry in Israel. As a subsidiary of Meitav Dash Investments Ltd, one of the largest investment houses in Israel, Tachlit Trackers benefits of return to scale advantage. To date Meitav Dash manage over 37 Billion Dollars for Private, Business and institutional clients. Tachlit Trackers, is currently managing 33 Billion NIS (Approximately 9 Billion USD).

Tachlit Trackers ETNs are exchange traded products listed on TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange), issued by Tachlit Trackers. Tachlit Trackers issued over 140 ETNs, with a broad range of exposure to local equity indices, international equity indices, government and corporate bond indices, commodity indices and leveraged products.
Moreover, Tachlit is obligated to serve as a market maker to all of its issued products.

Tachlit Trackers is maintaining a constant "zero tracking error" as detailed in the prospectus. This creates a demand for high-end technology and skilled manpower in risk management operation.

Tachlit has several departments:

1. Trading Floor – over 20 traders as market makers for the local, international and bond desks. The trading floor department is in charge of receiving orders from TASE and constantly hedging our position against the underlying assets of each ETN that is purchased by the investors on TASE.

2. Risk Management – this department is dedicated to risk control management and responsible to ensure that Tachlit constantly meets its own high standards and regulation demands.

3. Software Development –software development department is responsible for our unique proprietary software in trading and risk management.